Monday, 15 July 2013

Topic of Research (Chun Leong) -- Rubber bands for energy

Topic Overview
Rubber bands for energy

Time Required
Very Short (≤ 1 day)
Material Availability
Readily available
Very Low (under $20)
No issues


If you've ever been shot with a rubber band then you know it has energy in it, enough energy to smack you in the arm and cause a sting! How can the energy of a rubber band be put to work? In this experiment you will find out how the stretching of a rubber band affects the amount of energy that springs out of it.


In this experiment you will investigate how the distance of stretch in a rubber band at rest relates to the distance the rubber band travels after being released.


Sara Agee, Ph.D., Science Buddies

Hypothesis and Variables
The longer a rubber band is stretched at rest, the further it will travel when released.

Dependent variable:
+ The distance the rubber band travels

Independent variable:
+ The distance of stretch in a rubber band

+ The type of rubber band used

Research Questions
1. Where does the rubber band get the energy from?

2. What does the energy do?

3. Is there a maximum that the rubber band can be stretched?

4. How will the experiment be carried out?

5. Are there any current research about the same topic going on?

6. What equipment do you need?

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